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Entrelacs du rÍve

(Atmosphere Records, AR004)

Entrelacs du reve


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The fundamental aim of the project Autunna et sa Rose is to reach a synthesis of various arts, in particular of poetry and music. From a specifically musical point of reference, the compositions can be classified in an avant-garde contemporary-classical style, drawing most of inspiration from several 20th century authors, and from some of the latest decades as well.

The combined word teatromusica (theatre-music) has been often used in order to relate to the artistic genre the project has always proposed, with the meaning of a form that is just at first musical, embodying in fact some clear aspects and connotations of theatrical substance: in a more extensive sense, it lies at the intersection point of several expression forms, where it generates a fusion of arts in an all-embracing harmonized unit, able to widen the emotional and perceptive range of the spectator. For this reason, since some years our interest in video production has been increasing, some short films have been created and used as background projections during the shows, with the intent to offer a more complete interpretation and a widespread overall view.

Intrecci del sognoEntrelacs du reveStill keeping this artistic view of many-sidedness the new project was finally born: it is entitled Dreamlinks and its structure is based on three/four (only apparently separate) sections, according to a many-sided combination of literature, graphics, music and video art. Thus, the result is a unitary work, the parts of which reflect in one another in relation to its primary subject: dreams. Entrelacs du rêve (CD, Atmosphere Records, 2017) has to be considered as the musical counterpart – made of tracks linked together, each one a having different form of composition – to the dreams the narrations of which are contained in the book with a homonymous title, though in Italian, Intrecci del sogno (available at stores as lafeltrinelli.it e amazon.it, also in e-book format). Thanks to a detailed backward analysis, the narrations dig out the deep depths of a (probably) disturbed but surely complex psyche, able to elaborate images having no trivial interpretations. Moreover, some graphic artworks have been created so as to naturally accompany the text of the tales, in order to try to evoke the most significant images in the dreams.

Sonia VisentinSeveral musicians have participated in the recordings of Entrelacs du Matilde Secchirêve: it is surely worth remembering the essential contribution of the soprano leggiero Sonia Visentin (well-known since many years as a fundamental interpreter of several roles in opuses from Claudio Ambrosini and Adriano Guarnieri) and of the mezzosoprano Matilde Secchi, once more together, in order to interlace their sweet vocalises and trills, so as the listener can become entangled into the gloomiest oneiric substance.

In conclusion, in July 2018 a paper has been also prepared where the compositional techniques of this piece are explained in detail. It is entitled Dreamlinks: Link Theory Meets Music Composition. An Introduction to Compositional Methods Related to Primary Links and it was presented at the 21st Bridges Conference (in Stockholm, Sweden), the world’s largest conference on mathematical connections in art, music, architecture, education and culture. The above-mentioned article was published in the Bridges 2018 Proceedings (watch the presentation VIDEO).

Some master topics about the themes of Entrelacs du rêve are available at the related page.

We are always available for artistic collaborations of any kind: sonic projects and (video-) installations, poetic and theatrical texts, composition of music for theatre and soundtracks.


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