Sous la robe bleue

It is a concept album based on a psychodrama, that consists of various episodes corresponding to some periods of life of a young woman (identified with some fictitious female characters, each one representing a different period of her life), unable to find the love that she needed to live, and dying in the end because of this lack. This death is quite a death of the soul, of self-expression and of living communication with the world; but the spirit of this young woman will live forever (“[…] Her eyes are still burning” – Slow Rain).

“Up there, in the mind, a girl cries under the blue dress…
Virginia, the bitter suffering of incompleteness. A strange, maybe too old-fashioned name for a child, it sounds like something pure and uncontaminated, but even unsuitable and illusory, forced to change unnaturally for a “strange” plan of life. Her death is a soul death, something uncommonly sad and agonizing, just like the sound of a harpsichord.
A padded symphony accompanies the still sweet and fragile Autunna‘s slow walking. It’s a soft dance, modulated within the surrounding nature, as unquiet as she is, looking for such a big warmth that can dissolve any fear. In the end, Autunna will melt into the Sun, and the freshness of a rose will surround her forever…
Love is a basic need even in Selene‘s life, but she won’t even get the warmth of the Sun – and one life won’t be enough for her to catch Him up – because “… she’s not golden, but silver“: her drama lies in being born but falling short of her father’s expectations. This new legend about the birth of the moon and the sun is a purpose to tell a very human story.

Our homage is paid to all those by means of their art let us live.

(Antonin Artaud, from L’Art et la Mort , 1929)

(In the inner circle of the calcareous realm of Images, / at that fine moment the eye of conscience, taking care not to get lost, shoots an extreme fire, / where nerves finally abandon the mind, that rests God knows in which  astral stratifications, / DEATH lies / as the final sudden assault / of a consciousness / full of anxieties / but – definitively and irreversibly – STOPPED.)

Sous la robe bleue is maybe just a gallery of mirrors where many lives have been printing fleetingly their tales, trying to voice a “violent” inner life, “extreme” emotions that you can live deep inside… All shown under “the blue dress“, that tiny naive sky lying as a background in fairytales…